IPT 3200 MAX

The best value in UVC disinfection

The IPT 3200 Max is the most powerful UVC light disinfection system in the world with its PowerBoost UV™ technology. Ideal for health care facilities requiring maximum disinfection in the least amount of time, such as operating rooms, ICU, and isolation rooms.

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  • Powerful
      ● Single-cycle, whole-room disinfections
      ● Disinfects direct, indirect and shadowed surfaces
      ● Documented high clinical pathogen kill rates
      ● No repositioning, no wasted time

          Bottom line: More power = faster and more effective disinfection treatments.

  • Fast
      ● Highest UVC dosage in the shortest possible time
      ● Single-cycle, whole-room disinfections with assured germ-killing UVC dosage
      ● Seamless integration into housekeeping workflow
  • Smart
      ● Automatically calibrated run-time
      ● Eliminates danger of under-dosing
      ● Removes human error
      ● Ensures thorough application of germ-killing UVC
  • Automated Documentation
      ● Secure cloud-based documentation system
      ● Tracks all usage metrics with barcode accuracy
      ● Provides ability to deploy, manage, and monitor treatments
      ● Real time access to reporting and data analytics
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