Triple Compartment Warming Cabinet

The SS2209-M/MG warming cabinet is designed to provide heated storage of blankets, sterile water and irrigation solutions. The full height design makes this model an ideal solution for surgery, recovery, OB/GYN, ICU, ER, trauma and general patient care departments.

  • Exterior Dimensions: 30”W x 78 ¼”H x 26 ½”D
  • Interior Dimensions: 25 ¼”W x 11 ¼”H x 21 ½”D (Upper Compartment)
  • 25 ¼”W x 10 ¾”H x 21 ½”D (Middle Compartment)
    25 ¼”W x 18 ½”H x 21 ½”D (Lower Compartment)


  • Large Capacity to Store Full Supply of Blankets and Solutions
  • Data Logging of Real Time and Temperature with USB Retrieval
  • Optional Double Paned, Tempered Glass Door
  • Independent, Digital Thermostatic Controls per Compartment
  • Reversible Door Swing
  • Temperature Range is 90°-160°F
  • Models Available: SS2209-M, SS2209-MG
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